PA Hire

Running a gig, table-quiz, fashion-show, conference or disco?

                                           If you’re involved in something like this then you’ll be needing a PA system. imagesPA stands for public address and is basically the equipment needed to make a microphone or track work successfully. 

This equipment varies greatly in size and application and can be quite technical so it’s important that you know what your looking for and are safe in the knowledge that it will work for you.                                                          Below are a number of guidelines to help you get started.

Small Room PA images (1)

A small room PA consists of two full-range top speakers and a console. This system can foster up to four microphones and two separate CD player/laptop/mp3 player tracks. It is ideal for a room that could hold up to two hundred people. Common uses for such a system include smaller conferences, table-quizzes, smaller bands and karaoke. 

Medium-Large Room Address PA

images (2)This type of system is capable of delivering quality sound to a larger audience of up to approximately five hundred people. Generally, the type of applications this system would handle are address-type applications like speeches and would lack the necessary punch or desirable bass capability to cater for a large band or DJ. Common uses for this system include theatrical work,  larger conferences, speeches and fashion-shows. 

Large Band/DJ Systems

Bands and DJs came in all sorts of different configurations and sizes and as such have images (3)different technical requirements. Generally, they’ll need larger speaker power with good bass-handling capability to get over noisy drum kits and guitar amps. These systems can foster much larger amounts of inputs and as so can be tricky to operate. They are also bulkier and take up more space. Depending on the type of band/DJ and the size of the crowd; different configurations of these systems can be put together ranging from medium in size to very large. 


All PA system hire includes delivery and assembly. The smaller systems can be operated by clientele after simple instructions but on-site sound engineers travel with the larger PA systems. 

Please call or e-mail for advice or to request a quote.