images (5)Installations are sound and/or lighting equipment that is installed in a building usually for a long-term period. Common uses for installations include; sound and lighting installations for clubs and venues, pager and background music systems for stores, multi-functional systems for hotels and even some home entertainment applications. Below is a description of some installation types available from Midland Music & Entertainment.

Zoned Audio Installation

A Zoned Audio Installation takes different audio inputs (From a TV, Computer, CD player etc…) and routes them to the desired ‘Zone’ or room. Put quite simply, this system allows the user to play different audio through the installed loudspeakers in different rooms; all controlled from a central point – or remotely in each room.                                                     For instance, a bar/hotel could play some background music in the lobby, have a sports game play from a TV through the speakers in the bar and hold a table-quiz in the conference room all running through one integrated system. 

Pager & Background Music Systems Installationimages (6)

These systems are generally designed to handle paging and background music applications. They are commonly found in stores, schools and larger office blocks and are often represented by recessed speakers in suspended ceilings. For certain businesses, a reliable and user-friendly paging system makes daily tasks much easier. 

Club Sound & Lighting Installation

As sound and lighting is commonly a feature of a club and often a key focus, these installations deal with the application in a different way to the above types. In this case, getting the best sound and lighting experience for the space is paramount. High quality sound and memorable lighting is a key element in the retention and return of clientele. images (7)Choosing and installing the correct sound and/or lighting system in a venue is essential and technical knowledge of this discipline is invaluable.


At Midland Music & Entertainment, we understand the importance of any long-term investment. Installations can become an integral part of any business and a key element to its success. That is why our service offers reliable advice and the highest quality equipment at the most competitive rates.