Expressive lighting can transform a space and atmosphere into something magical at the touch of a switch. Well chosen fittings and creative lighting design can renovate the dullest of spaces and create whatever the desired mood may be. From atmospheric background lighting to stage and club lighting, MME can offer advice, design and installation all at exceptionally competitive rates. Below is more information on some different aspects of lighting design and installation.  


Blue background uplighing and centre white spot

Mood Lighting 

Mood lighting has become more and more popular in recent years. There has always been an element of mood lighting in the home but recently, this has transformed into the commercial sphere and it is now common-place in some venues like restaurants, bars and function rooms. Applying too much can be overpowering and too little can be irrelevant so it’s important to get it just right. 

                                                                                     Stage Lighting


Fashion show catwalk – 80% Illumination

Stage lighting is different from mood lighting in that it serves a specific purpose depending on the application. Fashion shows dictate that the stage/catwalk must be illuminated sufficiently to allow the audience a clear view of the models. Theatre applications vary greatly from full illumination to atmospheric darks. Bands need not necessarily be illuminated but subtly outlined. Various staging applications require different treatment. 

Club & DJ Lighting


Scanners & Moving heads – DJ effects

Lighting is a key feature in any club or DJ application. These disciplines allow the designer more freedom than mood or stage lighting and an array of different lighting fixtures can be used to add to the effect. Common features of club or DJ lighting are strobes, scanners, moving heads, lazer-effects and projection. 


At MME we are more than happy to discuss your lighting needs, possibilities and options in order to help you choose what’s right for you.